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Old Stock Market Mode

Chapter One

When I entered in Stock Market in early 90’ (1995), the behavior of market was like prehistoric era. Use of technology was minimal and nobody bothered about ‘knowledge’ and ‘skill’. Entire market was family driven business which means grandfather to grandson. Google was 36 month away from birth means knowledge was actually precious stone.

In this orthodox market society, people like me were treated as an outsider and this happened with everybody who had no family background in the stock market.

The ‘Y2K’ problem acted as a positive catalyst in Indian technology sector and the tide blew off all closed door of the orthodox market society with the arrival of newly launched ‘NSE’ (National Stock Exchange) as well.

People understood that without the help of technology the future of the stock market as well as the capital market was nothing. With this understanding a new problem erupted i.e. ‘cost of technology’. Being a student of computer science nothing was out of my academic knowledge.

Till 2000 I was only an investor cum trader. The technological change of the stock market gradually happened in front of me but I focused on my activity. Two small incidents happened with me back to back and they changed my entire market identity.

  1. The technological flows destroyer ‘CSE’ (Calcutta Stock Exchange)
  2. My Guru’s ‘Metastock’ data provider stop providing him data and it was hampering his study.

Though I solve the back office accounting glitch of ‘CSE’ but it was too late and we discovered the data format of ‘Metastock’ for my ‘Guru’ and by this way my journey as a ‘Financial Engineer’ started along with investment in market and of course my name is BIPUL B. CHOWDHURY.

Chapter Two

Being a user of Metastock like any other user, I started developing trading system (Expert Advise) for my own use. One day, one of my market friend approached me to buy one of my developed system based on Metastock, that way I understood that all ‘Expert Advise’ based on Metastock developed by me has some monetary value apart from self use.

But a problem arouse, just like a car need fuel to run, Metastock also need data for analysis or run the Expert Advise. At that time no established data providing company for Metastock in India was ready to collaborate with me to provide data to my system users, as I mentioned earlier ‘cost of technology’. They thought they had developed something ‘Cryogenic Rocket Engine’ and it created problem for my trading system business.

Then my ‘Guru’ told me, “when you have already discovered the Metastock data format 3 years back for me , then why are you not developing the data providing software”.

This way Istock’s journey began in a casual manner.



Expert Advisor


Technical Analysis Software

Chapter Three

Initially ‘Istock’ was a proprietary firm. But in 2009 one of leading mutual fund (due to privacy issues I can’t disclose the name) advised me to change the legal entity of the company to a private limited one. So from 2009 Istock is a Private Limited Company till date.

At present ‘Istock’ is a leading technology firm of ‘Technical Analysis’ for capital market. We have 10 different types of software serving different market segments for almost two decade and have hardcore technical and market experience. We always try to serve our client the best, with regular product up gradation and innovation.