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Our Mission

According to the data by ‘National Stock Exchange (NSE)’ there are 1.2 crore active investors in India, which means it is less than 2% of the total population of the country as of March 2020, Whereas 55% of the total U.S. population are actively investing in their market. If somehow we achieve 25% of the same then the number will cross 100% population of U.S. Number achievement is not a big deal. I always think that if a common man wants success in Indian market the basic requirement is ‘KIT’. May be you can think something like ‘toolkit’ of ‘CAA agitation’ and ‘Farmer agitation’, but it is not like that. ‘KIT’ means Knowledge, Information and Technology. Without knowledge and technology no one can get success in stock market and information put the dynamism. Let’s make it elaborate.

  1. There is a famous quotation of ‘Francis Bacon’ is ‘Knowledge is power’. If we observe our surroundings there are different type of person in different trade, for example ‘carpenter’, ‘plumber’ and many more. What’s makes them special is simply ‘knowledge’. May be they inherited the ‘knowledge‘from their ancestor or got it through a formal training. If you want to get success, can follow the self taught method or going through a formal training. We have two ‘You tube’ channel (Istock and Artha shastra) with the objective to serve the formal education of capital market and application training. We are there to share our knowledge with you.

  2. Whenever we heard about defense acquisition, we talk about new technology, sophisticated technology because it gives us as a nation an edge over our enemy. Similarly in capital market as common man we must treat ‘Hedge fund’, ‘Mutual fund’, ‘HNI’ or any institution as our enemy. We must have some weapon (out put of technology as software) for fighting the battle against them. Many people can’t understand the necessity of the use of a software for there market activity. Majority people depend upon ‘Advise’ and ‘Tip’ but in long run for big success this is not good. Friends try to make ‘Technology’ as your best friend and we are always there for you.

  3. Once ‘Ronald Reagan’ said that ‘Information is the oxygen of modern age’. Every country maintain their intelligence agency (Like ‘RAW’ of India, ‘CIA’ of U.S., ‘MOSSAD’ of Israel etc.) for getting information about there enemy and friend also. The main objective of all the information is preparation. In stock market we believe ‘information’ is something which can make the difference.

As an organization ‘Istock’ wants to cater the knowledge, information and technology with our different type of applications and services. So with our specific objective and clear conception we develop our satisfied client family.